Since one and a half year we have a HD tele at home. I waited until the battle between Blu-Ray and HD dvd was over so we would have one format of high definition video.

In one nostalgic way it remembered me a bit as when VHS and Betamax back in the 70/80’s where both trying to conquer the  home video market, and however to my opinion and many others Betamax was the better system VHS won.

I had to trash numbers of videos when my last Sony Beta player died and I didn’t want to have to do the same thing again.

But Sony got its revenge and Blu-Ray became the standard for HD video. In Switzerland there are only a limit number of  HD channels available by cable, so we are watching  a lot of movies since then.

I think it’s actually a huge leap forward and couldn’t get any better. And than they came up with a potential solution to watch properly 3D in the Cinema. I remember myself and my dad sitting in front of our TV with those funny glasses watching the first 3D broadcast and that needed definite improvement.

I watched several 3D movies in the cinema now and I think for some movies it adds a special dimension to it (that’s what’s supposed to do) but often I find it distracting and somehow I miss out on the actual story of the movie because I’m so occupied with all that flying stuff around me.

And now we have the choice to watch 3D at home. And I’m asking myself do I really need this? As I mentioned before I think HD is pretty awesome but to watch TV with glasses at home raises some questions to me.

The glasses are not cheap, and with small children around I’m not sure how long they would survive.

The colors in 3D are still not so vibrant either and of course we would need a new TV as ours isn’t 3D ready.

Toshiba is trying to do it without glasses, but so far big screens are out of reach.

I’m quiet happy with the high definition of quality television and movies we have now and I don’t think that 3D at home will be for the near future.

Maybe I’m holographic?


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