Thank you for visiting the Vleeshouwers family on-line Home. What we want to share is about our interests in several aspects of a modern family live. Although I do believe present day family values have not changed much from the past, the media has and this gives us the opportunity to communicate differently and publish a wide range of our interests.

Our Posts are pretty much about everything which occupies us in our present existence and daily live while raising two amazing daughters with my partner. Food,  cooking, handy craft, photography, holidays and occasional thoughts are the main subjects.

This Blog is a reflection of all that evolves around the four of us as a family and is not intended to be serious guidelines on how the raise children or about a specific topic. We write as we go on onto this uncertain path into the future together with our two children.

Living in a quiet Swiss village, our activities include also a lot of discovering and exploring outdoors, the impressions of this you can find in the gallery section of our site. We like camping and hiking with the kids which is probably one of the oldest and basic recreational activity you can do.

Cooking is one of my other passions and I try to spend as much time preparing home cooked dishes as possible. I love cooking with fresh seasonal products from the market or our little local shop for regional products. I’m getting my inspiration from other recipes and then I make up something of myself. We are not Vegetarian but try to alternate meat and meatless dishes every other day.

The things I really dislike are: war, violence and discrimination. I think the world would be a better place if we would strife for peace rather than war.  I will be writing some occasional critical notes on what’s on my mind as well.

Photography is our main instrument to document our daily existence in memories and it’s nice to have the opportunity to show some of these moments.

Raising children brings a lot of challenges and responsibilities and inspires me to do the right thing, every day.


“Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams,

but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and

understanding.”[Louis Gerstner]